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Carpool parking lot locations

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Help yourself find a commuting partner by printing and posting these eye catching posters at your organization.

The more people that sign up for, the more chance you'll have of finding a commuting partner.
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Commuting Cost Calculator

To calculate your estimated commuting cost and annual greenhouse emissions, fill in the Commuter Cost Calculator below:

Commuting Cost Calculator

How far is your daily round trip commute? km
How many days do you normally commute? days / month
What is your car's gasoline consumption? litres / 100 km
How much do you usually pay for gasoline? per litre
What is your cost for maintenance and tires?* per km
What is your cost for insurance, financing, and depreciation?* per day
How much do you pay for parking? per month

Financial Costs
Your estimated commuting cost is:

Environmental Impact
Your annual greenhouse gas emissions are:
kgs Annually

*Cost estimates are based on the Canadian Automobile Assocation Your Driving Costs 2011.
Values are based on 2011 Chevrolet Cruze LT

Reference: US EPA document EPA420-F-05-004 (HTML) (PDF)